Tuesday, 11 March 2014

The Grand Budapest Hotel

I can't wait to see this next week: I am very much a Wes Anderson fan and his latest films is a example of fine cinema. He does not disapoint. Oh Mr. Anderson, you never disappoint!
I would very much like to be a character in one of his films- that would be a dream. Should he ever arrive at the opportunity to direct the story of my life, I would happily consent. Wishful thinking I know, but as I always say: think grand!

A must-read: 20 Ways To Turn Your Life Into A Wes Anderson Movie (yes, please!)

Points I love from this list includes:

1. Always walk in slo-mo. ideally in a gang.
4. Dance awkwardly (not hard to do, it's how I dance anyway).
5. Only ever engage in complicated love affairs.
7. Come up with wildly ridiculous plans in great detail.
10. Do an impressive amount of travelling.
17. Say goodbye to mp3s- your record player is your new best friend (hello!)

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