Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Sights and Sounds


(Took this shot- one of my favourite pastimes: whenever I purchase flowers, or flowers that were given to me, I would collect its petals and press them in between the pages of my favourite books. That way, its beauty remains preserved for a very long time.)

 Although it's hard to fathom, March has arrived with a bitter chill in its heart. I hope that she will warm up as we inch towards the first day of Spring- at this point, I'd rather get rain than more snow! In between these bittersweet days, I have managed to bake more pies, write more letters, and read more books (thank heavens!)

I had the opportunity to see Ane Brun and  Linnea Olsson live at the Rivoli! What a show, she did not disappoint- in fact, I think she was even better live. Afterwards, I was able to shake hands with Linnea and tell her how great they both performed- both are so sweet in person.

Sitting at Art Square Cafe & Gallery with a cup of Cafe Americano after a wonderful trip to the AGO (Art Gallery of Ontario) to visit the Guggenheim exhibition. From Picasso to Matisse, it was overwhelming to see these artworks in real life! I was in awe for hours- Art History Major problems. 

Getting lost in art galleries is something I love to do.

I could sit and sketch or write in such a setting. It actually clears my head and elevates me to another place. More than ever, supporting your art galleries and museums is integral. Too often I overhear teenagers expressing distaste and boredom for such places. It's quite sad.

An Ode to Books...

For those who know me, I am a huge bookworm. I am  also the type that never reads just one book: juggling three or four books is complete normalcy... which is precisely what I am doing at the moment!
I am currently participating in HarperCollins Canada's 50 Book Pledge. I vow to read 50 books this year! Last year I ended off with 29, so I am doing whatever it takes to achieve that goal.
I am also on Goodreads so let's be friends!
On my Pinterest page, I have dedicated a board called "On My Bookshelf" to books which I have collected over the years- and despite the effort, there are still many books which I still need to add!

I love books so much that in June of 2011, I began to form my own book club here in Toronto: the Matchbook Book Club. Since then, we've had author visits ranging from C.S. Richardson, to Cathy Marie Buchanan, hosted craft parties, film nights, and Murder Mystery games.
Why the name? I decided to match books with a monthly theme, with hand-picked titles carefully chosen by yours truly, with months where there are Member's Choice picks! We gather once a month in Toronto, and the places we pick varies from Marche to Balzac's. 
I love my members, they are a fantastic group of people with wonderful stories and inspirations. I couldn't ask for anything more. Their intense passion of books is what draws in very interesting discussions. And we are continuously growing- new faces are always welcome!

What I'm Currently Reading: 

I am currently reading this book for The National Post's Afterword Reading Society.
Emotions ran a bit high as I turned to the first page, for I have heard high praise for this book. It wasn't surprising that I found myself completely sunken into this book. Denfeld's writing is haunting and mesmerizing.
I listen to Lorde's Glory and Gore on repeat while reading this on the train- what a heightened experience!

A Matchbook Book Club pick. This month was Member's Choice and so we drew this title out of a toque (how very fitting at this time of year), which was selected by one of our members, Lauren.
So far so good! It's smart and well-written. Not a light read, but worth savouring some time by your favourite armchair.
I listen to The Rolling Stones and The Black Keys while I'm reading this book. It gets you in the mood.

Now how I came to read this novel is interesting: I have had a couple of book club members sit strongly on opposite ends of the spectrum when it came to liking/disliking the book. It was so amusing, that I had to decide for myself how I would think of Gone Girl. I even convinced one of my girlfriends to join me on this bookish escapade! A book club read within a book club read, I might say!
I listen to Agnes Obel when I read this book. I can only imagine how David Fincher will bring this story to life!

I came upon this series one day when I was on my weekend visit to Nicholas Hoare (a once enchanting bookshop in Toronto, pure heaven in my eyes, now closed it is heartbreaking to say). I would often stroll by the Mystery section, scanning with excitement the latest titles. It was then I saw a cover of one of the Vish Puri books and decided to take a chance on it.  
These reads are what I like to call a "bubbly mystery" - it's no Girl With The Dragon Tattoo! It's light, funny, with twisting plots that will keep you guessing. I'm halfway through this book at the moment, and it is a thrill.
I listen to The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel soundtrack- it's perfect for this series.



At some point in my life, there's an inner pull in me to re-watch this film series. I can't even begin to tell you how good and important these films are! It spans over the course of almost three decades, three different places, weaving one love story. Shelve your thoughts about these films being the typical cheesy romantic drama: charming realism is what I would depict them. The dialogue between Delpy and Hawke is superb. Utterly superb. 
Take my word for it and watch this on a Thursday evening. It'll be something to look forward to at the beginning of your work week. It will be worth it, I promise.

Until next time!

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