Monday, 17 March 2014

Author Event: Rene Denfeld


Last Wednesday, despite the god-awful weather we were up against, I was thrilled to have been invited to an author event with Rene Denfeld at the HarperCollins Canada Head Office.  What a fantastic evening to meet Rene and hear everyone's questions as well as thoughts about the book.  I also saw a couple of my friends there as well, which is always a bonus.

Her latest novel, The Enchanted will move, haunt, and entice you like no other. The book reads like a film: cinematic, stirring, and beautiful.  The characters in the book will linger in your mind long after you finish the book. Wonderfully written, Rene Denfeld explores the dark and fragile side of the human condition behind prison walls on a psychological and physical level. The author also happens to be a death penalty investigator, which I felt helped to provide an even greater insight into the lives of individuals on Death Row.

Hence: it is not a book about horses!

"The layers of life a man can live without even knowing his shadow lives on the floors below..."

I often like to pair music with books I read.
 For The Enchanted, there were four songs I would listen to back-to-back as I turn its pages:

Lorde- Glory and Gore
Joseph- Cloudline
Daughter- Smoke
Olafur Arnalds- Sudden Throw

The Enchanted is a book worth reading and deserves a special place on your bookshelf. Many thanks to Harper Collins Canada (@HarperCollinsCA) for putting this together!
You can also read my review and questions for the author, as well as other reader's results in the upcoming National Post's The Afterword Reading Society book pick next week!

      (With author Rene Denfeld with her latest novel)

Last thought:

“People read books less than they used to. I think that’s a pity, because reading enriches your life in a way that isn't  just pleasure – it actually educates you and makes you understand other times, places and ways of thought. It broadens your mind, as travel is said to. So that is a reason I want to keep up reading for pleasure.” - John Carey

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